Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
Dr. SeussThe Lorax (via feellng)
So, tap me out and tap me into you
Heal my brain and my body too
Balance my chemistry hydrate these cells
Cause the body talks and the meditation helps
Nahko (via tubsluvscougers)
A short poem to Castiel

Cassy wassy had a fassy

lived in Florida tallahassee

-poem by me

Okay! XD

Okay! XD

Female Doctors!?

Omg tumblr, I had a perfect idea!! What if there was a re-spawn of all the doctors,but this time female. They come back the same way each doctor regenerates but one by one all at the same time. Then they’re all like “what’s going on, whats happening” and they think its really weird but just seem to go with the flow. The 11th doctor thinks this is really awesome and says”why don’t we just stay like this. I mean we’re all women after all, why don’t we start over, and bring the time lords back”(back, meaning repopulate Gallifrey)

 so do you except my headcanon, tumblr?

(this should be a video,or comic,or fanfic. omg now i have ideas)


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"Yo Judas you’re on Venmo right?"

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